If the Earth had rings like Saturn

What if the Earth had rings like Saturn, is an interesting 3D animated video created by Roy Prol. It captures what the rings of Saturn would look like from different cities and latitudes across the Earth. It’s interesting to imagine how it would have effected culture throughout time. It would have greatly influenced religion, mythology and navigation. Roy seems to have taken much time in researching the physics and such, as he mentions in one section the rings are limited to the size of Earths ‘Roche’ limit.

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In fact during the planets creation, the Earth did have a ring. Early in our planets history before there was a moon, it was hit by another huge planet, ‘Thea’. Both bodies were ripped, crushed and torn apart by the collision.

Most of it coalesced to form the Earth, the remaining rock and dust that was cast off, circled the new Earth in a debris field much like Saturns rings today. In time this too coalesced into what is now our moon.

Creator – Roy Prol

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