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Stolen Renoir sold at Auction for $1.6 million

A stolen oil painting by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was sold at Auction in London. The painting 'Madame Valtat 1903' is of Suzanne Valtat, wife of artist Louis Valtat, and friend of

Cezanne’s ‘Apples’ painting sold for $37 million

Cezanne's 'Apples' painting sold for $37 million. Cezannes 'Les Pommes' or 'Apples' sold for $37 million ($41.6 million with buyers premium) at Sotheby's last night, one of 20 works from the estate

‘Material Girl’ Madonna sells painting for $7.2 million

Sotheby's auction house in New York has sold a Fernand Leger painting owned by 'Material Girl' Madonna, for $7.2 million dollars.

This is Civilization: Abstract Art

This is Civilization: Uncertainty. Art critic Matthew Collings takes a look at modern art and culture starting with artists like Paul Klee, Pete Mondrian and Pablo Picasso up through today's emerging contemporary

The Art of Francis Bacon

The Art of Francis Bacon. A six series of videos on 'The Art of Francis Bacon'. Biography ~ Francis Bacon (28 October 1909 – 28 April 1992), was an Irish-born British figurative

VanGogh paintings tilt-shifted

VanGogh paintings tilt-shifted. After seeing how tilt-shift photography could make real world scenes appear like miniature models, Serena Malyon, a third-year art student, decided to simulate the effect on Van Gogh's famous

The Medici: Makers of Modern Art

The Medici: Makers of Modern Art. Documentary in which Andrew Graham-Dixon reveals how the Medici family transformed Florence through sculpture, painting and architecture and created a world where masterpieces fetch millions today.

Philippe de Montebello – Metropolitan Museum

An Acquiring Mind: Philippe de Montebello and The Metropolitan Museum. The extraordinary legacy of Philippe de Montebello, who served for 31 years as Director of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. During his

Great Museums: In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art

Great Museums: In Our Time: The Museum of Modern Art. What do the superstars of modern art - van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol - have in common with the Vincent Black

Painting Techniques of Franz Kline

Abstract Expressionist New York. The Painting Techniques of Franz Kline. The Museum of Modern Art, October 3, 2010--April 11, 2011. About MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art Since its founding in 1929, The

Painting in Four Minutes

Painting in Four Minutes. In a spectacular show, the artist Jean-Pierre Blanchard painted a portrait of Roger Federer at the presentation of the SVC Entrepreneur Award in Zurich in no time at

“COLOUR” Painting Animation

"COLOUR" Painting Animated film. A black and white forest is colored in vibrant hues under our eyes except for one sad little panda, which sets off the compassion of an imaginative little

World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television